Shiny Oven Cleaners

oven-cleaning If you feel like your oven can use some specialist attention and care, we have just what you need, namely, a team of experts to provide you with a comprehensive, professional oven cleaning in London that lives up to the highest standards in the trade.

We will quickly strip away all layers of grease and burnt-on food residue, using nothing but caustic-free, safe oven cleaning solutions as well as the best degreasers on the market.

Don’t worry about the pricing – you will not break the bank by booking our services since we always charge reasonably.

Cost-Effective Oven Cleaning

The oven cleaning services we provide across London pose as an easy and convenient solution to all your oven-related problems. Here are a few reasons why you should allow us to lend you a hand:

  • Rates are sensible
  • We provide free quotes and on-site estimates
  • We are available seven days per week
  • We have a call centre for customer support

Oven cleaning is hardly a piece of cake, when you lack experience, proper equipment and knowledge. Luckily, at our company, we have all the required skill and know-how to clean your oven to perfection in less than two hours. Once you call us, we will quickly dispatch a team of experts to assess the condition of your oven. If you agree with the pricing, they will proceed cleaning your oven, if you don’t – you can skip on our service. Here’s how the process goes:

  • First we spread a protective covering on the floor
  • Oven is dissembled
  • Removable components are dipped in a tank with degreaser
  • The interior and exterior are cleaned
  • Oven is reassembled again and ready to use immediately

As you can see, the cleaning process is very detailed as we like to deliver spectacular results to all customers. All removable components of the oven, including hobs, racks, knobs, fans, trays and grill are placed in a heated tank with a safe degreaser so that the baked on grime and grease can loosen. The same applies to the door, if it is removable. The interior and exterior of your appliance will also be cleaned and degreased in detail. The removable components will be rinsed before the technicians reassemble the appliance. You can use it immediately if you wish.

The oven cleaning services we offer throughout London are available Monday through Sunday, so don’t hesitate to give us a call – our call centre representatives will be glad to assist you!

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